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Evaluation of pelvic floor dysfunction and advice on conservative management

Urodynamic testing


Stress urinary incontinence

Overactive bladder, urinary urgency and frequency and nocturia

General Gynaecology

General gynaecological check up


Menstrual disorders – menorrhagia

Pelvic pain


Vulval disorders including lichen sclerosis


Is a bladder test to establish:

Type of incontinence you have

Abnormal bladder contraction

Pre-operative assessment if you are considering surgery for incontinence or prolapse

Voiding dysfunction

Perineal Trauma

3rd/4th degree tears

Faecal and flatal incontinence

Poor healing/scarring after childbirth


Painful sex after childbirth

Robotic Surgery

The Da Vinci system offers a 3D view with enhanced precision and control for:

Complex surgery

Repeat surgery for prolapse

Advanced Pelvic floor repair

Removal of mesh


Minimal invasive technique for:

Hysterectomy (Removal of uterus)

Salpingo-oopherectomy (Removal of tubes/ovaries)

Vault suspension (Treatment of prolapse)


Sacral Neuromodulation

Retention of urine

Urinay urgency and leakage

Bowel urgency and leakage

Overactive bladder

Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser

Non surgical treatment of Atrophy

Painful sex

Vulvo vaginal discomfort