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Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser

Vaginal Laser Therapy

Fractional Laser therapy is a new non-surgical treatment for vaginal atrophy that has been used Australia since 2013. It lessens the effects of estrogen deficiency on the vagina with a simple 5-minute treatment that delivers a precise amount of heat which stimulates regeneration of the vaginal tissue and in about 30 days it promotes multiplication of the cells and reinstatement of vaginal wall integrity and blood supply.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment stimulates

  • collagen formation underneath the vaginal skin
  • promotes proliferation of the cells and restoration of blood supply
  • regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal walls
  • vaginal mucosa recovers volume, hydration and elasticity
  • restoring the natural pH balance of the vaginal mucosa

How is it better than the topical estrogen cream or pessary?

The Mona Lisa Touch is a fractional laser treatment procedure offers significant advantages over topical estrogen as it addresses the issues that cause vaginal atrophy rather than simply working on the symptoms. The Mona Lisa Touch creates sustained relief for over a year whereas with the topical treatment the benefits are obtained only while it is being used and symptoms return on cessation of use. It offers a new and effective option for patient groups who are reluctant to use topical estrogen therapy like those who had breast cancer.

Do we know enough about this new treatment? Is it safe?

The use of lasers in vulval and vaginal area draws on knowledge learnt over many years in fields such as Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine to deliver an effective treatment to stimulate fibroblast cells in the skin to promote natural regeneration processes.  By targeting the causes of vaginal atrophy, many of the symptoms such as vaginal dryness, irritation and fissuring are greatly reduced or disappear with virtually no side effects or discomfort.

In addition, improvements in the structure and positioning of the vagina mean that some external surgical procedures may be avoided in mild to moderate cases.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

I offer vaginal laser therapy to carefully selected patients who have symptoms of atrophy and dyspareunia. There is limited evidence for its application in incontinence or prolapse. I am able to offer laser treatment at Knox Private Hospital. More information can be obtained from my rooms regarding the treatment.

Useful Links

Visit monalisatouch.com.au for more information about the treatment.